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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Dentistry Staff Development Committee

Open Meetings


The organization’s goals include the following: advancing staff members’ interests by educating staff about Ohio State’s professional development opportunities; acquainting staff with Ohio State’s educational opportunities, including continuing education courses, and undergraduate and graduate degree programs; apprising staff members of essential information, such as retirement and health insurance options; organizing staff-related events, including the CoD staff appreciation day and other campus-related events/charities, such as Bucks for Charity and the Campus Campaign; facilitating staff-to-staff communications; and promoting recognition of outstanding staff members. The Dentistry Staff Development Committee is not a vehicle for negotiating wages and benefits, and it is not a forum for voicing or resolving employee grievances.


  • Recognize Achievement

  • Promote Team Building

  • Develop Skills and Knowledge

  • Foster and Support Diversity