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College of Dentistry Outstanding Staff Award

The College of Dentistry Outstanding Staff Award honors a staff member whose actions inspire others to excellence in achievement and performance in the workplace each semester. The award also recognizes a staff member who encourages professional growth, provides superior service, and is viewed by colleagues as an outstanding employee.

The Dentistry Staff Development Committee (DSDC) requests nominations for an award recipient. Nominations are due by 5:00pm Friday, December 6, 2013.

Eligibility: Nominees must be full-time (30 hours per week minimum) staff members who have served for a minimum of three years at the College of Dentistry. Employees may not receive the same award within four consecutive years of service.

Nominee requirements: Through his/her work in the College of Dentistry, the nominee must demonstrate dedication, competence, conscientious performance, and excellent customer service. S/he must also contribute to and demonstrate commitment to The Ohio State University’s core values that include accountability and collegiality in the workplace, as well as the “One University” concept. S/he also must perform consistently at a level significantly above and beyond ordinary job requirements.

Nomination process: Any full-time staff member within the College of Dentistry may nominate a staff member outside of their division for this award. Dentistry Staff Development Committee members will review nominations and determine the award recipient. One award will be given each fall and spring semester during the calendar year. The award will include a gift certificate valued at $500.00.

Submission process: All nominations submitted on behalf of an award candidate must include the following elements:

  • Two supporting letters of recommendation for staff members outside of your division (Staff Recommendations Only). The letters should include the following:
    • A description of specific work-related actions that demonstrate the candidate’s performance and/or service excellence
    • A description of specific work-related actions that show the candidate’s encouragement of professional growth
    • A description of specific task-related actions that demonstrate the candidate’s support of creativity and process improvement in his/her unit or throughout the college
  • Please submit all nominations as Microsoft Word documents. Nominations must be submitted electronically to

Questions or comments? Feel free to send an email to

Best regards,

Alex Meade

Alex Meade
Staff Member and Chair, DSDC