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Outreach / Clinics - Coshocton Clinic

Serving Children and Families of Central and SE Ohio

Coshocton Clinic












The Coshocton Children’s Clinic is located adjacent to the Coshocton County Memorial Hospital and has been in operation since the early 1980s. It was started by Dr. Dennis McTigue, former Section Head of Pediatric Dentistry, to provide dental care to Head Start children who had previously been bused to Columbus. It is operated by a foundation that contracts with the Section of Pediatric Dentistry at the Ohio State University College of Dentistry for dental personnel. The clinic has five dental operatories, four in a bay configuration and one in a quiet room with nitrous oxide capability. The Clinic is in the basement of the Medical Arts Building of Coshocton County Memorial Hospital. The travel required is 163 miles round trip, estimated at 1 hr. 51 minutes travel time from the College of Dentistry. Procedures performed include routine and emergency exams, prophylaxis and sealants, operative procedures, including restorations with amalgam, composite resins, stainless steel crowns and routine extractions. The clinic is overseen on behalf of the foundation by Dr. Brian Dunlap, a private practitioner from Coshocton, Ohio, and an OSU graduate. Dental residents can elect to visit and work part-time in the clinic, but are not routinely scheduled there.