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Diversity / People

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Diversity / People - Staff

Our People Make Us Great*

Listing of program staff at our various clinic and administrative sites:

Ohio State U. College of Dentistry:   
Division of Pediatric Dentistry,  Staff Supervisor, Gretchen Hollern,  (614) 292-1509

Nationwide Children's Hospital: 
Clinic Director, (614) 722-5670

Dental Assistant Coordinator, Deb Winston  (614) 722-5666

Department of Dentistry Secretary, Monica Hall (614) 722-5651

Dental Surgery Center Coordinator, Denise Davis (614) 722-5677

Nisonger Center:         
Office Coordinator, Diana Korn (614) 292-3160

Johnstown Clinic:       
Chief, Dr. Timothy Followell  (614) 342-5795

Dental Coach:   
Coordinator, Dr. Ashok Kumar (614) 722-5649

Coshocton Clinic:       
Director, Dr. Brian Dunlap    (740) 622-8421


*More than just a slogan, our patients and their families, our community partners and co-workers give the pediatric dentistry family an excellent satisfaction rating!