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Research Goals and Directions

Contributing to The Art and Science of Pediatric Dentistry

Section Research Goals and Directions

The Section of Pediatric Dentistry has an active research program combining faculty, resident and dental student components with both internally and externally funded research projects.

The goal of the research program is to improve the quality of oral health for children and adults through better understanding of the biological, social, behavioral, and treatment factors that contribute to oral health and disease.

Current directions include the following: 

  • Understanding the microbiology of periodontal and caries-causing pathogens in children and adults through clinical studies using contemporary molecular microbiologic techniques
  • Enhancement of our knowledge about the role of diet, social factors, and other known risk factors in the initiation of early childhood dental caries and how the quality of life is affected by this pandemic disease
  • Investigation of the relationships between oral and systemic health through a better understanding of the effect of childhood disease and its treatment on the oral cavity and the effect of oral health and dental treatment on medical conditions and disabilities
  • Understanding the healing processes of traumatic injuries to children's teeth. Enhancing our knowledge of the relationship between children's immune status and their treatment outcomes.