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Dentistry's Office of Community Education Focuses on Making a “Dent in Diversity”

November, 2008

The College of Dentistry's Office of Community Education is bringing together faculty, alumni and friends of the College at a “Dent in Diversity” dinner and discussion session today (November 14th) to consider new strategies aimed at increasing the College’s recruitment of minority students.

Interim Dean and Vice Provost Carole Anderson and keynote speaker Cheryl Boyce, the Executive Director of the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, will attend and answer questions about how to improve or “make a dent” in the need for increased diversity among the College’s doctor of dental surgery (D.D.S.) and dental hygiene students.

A number of College faculty members will attend the event, including Dr. Joen Iannucci, Director of Admissions in the College of Dentistry; Dr. Paul Casamassimo, Chair of the Division of Pediatric Dentistry; and Dr. Canise Bean, Associate Professor and Director of the OHIO Project outreach program.

A primary goal of the dinner and discussion session is to gather alumni volunteers to serve on an advisory committee that will be charged with formulating new strategies to support the College’s efforts towards diversity recruitment. These alumni ambassadors will also serve as diversity advisors and representatives in the local dental community.

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