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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

  1. Dental Hygiene graduates from the class of 2009 (above) and Doctor of Dental Surgery graduates posed for photos after the convocation ceremony.

Congratulations to the Classes of 2009!

June 2009

The College of Dentistry’s Convocation Ceremony was held June 7th in the Mershon Auditorium. The traditional ceremony honored the achievements of the Dental Hygiene and the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) classes of 2009.


This year’s event featured a convocation address by Gene Smith, OSU Director of Athletics and Associate Vice President, who spoke about Ohio State’s role in helping students achieve their dreams. Smith’s keynote address was followed by the traditional hooding ceremony for D.D.S. graduates, and the presentation of awards and honors for Dental Hygiene graduates.

College of Dentistry Dean Carole Anderson presented awards and certificates of honor to members of the classes of 2009, which included 97 D.D.S. graduates, 32 Dental Hygiene program graduates, and three Doctor of Philosophy in Oral Biology graduates.

In her farewell remarks, Dean Anderson said to the newly graduated students, “Your future is bright and filled with promise, and you’re embarking on a career that offers great possibilities and opportunities. As you move forward in achieving your personal and professional goals, I hope you’ll hold onto the enthusiasm and the vision you had when you entered this College four years ago -- and I hope your future includes a wonderful life and a career that’s both successful and rewarding!”