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  1. Mrs. Margaret Postle and her son, Dr. Herb Postle (bottom row, l-r) with dentistry students Cole Bryant (top left) and Jonathan Draney.

    Dr. Wendell D. Postle, circa 1938

The Postle Family: Putting Students First and Helping Them Now!

October, 2009

For some people, giving is just a way of life, and that tradition of giving -- and giving back -- has been a Postle family commitment for generations. It began with Dr. Wendell D. Postle, an Ohio State dentistry graduate who became the dean of the College of Dentistry in 1938.

An innovative leader, Wendell Postle implemented several new programs for the college, and he created the first Post College Assembly, which offered continuing education courses for dentistry alumni. Because of his extraordinary dedication and success, the building that houses the College of Dentistry -- Postle Hall -- was named in Wendell’s honor in 1976.

Putting Students' Needs First

Understanding the value and the costs of a dental education inspired the Postle family to make donations that have helped generations of dentistry students. Wendell and his wife Helen created The Wendell D. and Helen R. Postle Scholarship Fund to support students who need and deserve financial help. Wendell’s son Harry and his daughter-in-law Margaret also gave funds to create The Harry H. and Margaret B. Postle Scholarship Fund, which has provided support to dentistry students for more than 30 years.

Margaret and Harry’s son, Dr. Herb Postle, is an Ohio State alumnus who joined the family’s professional tradition. Dr. Postle's dental practice is in Columbus, and he remarked that although dental treatments have advanced significantly over the years, it’s the caring about patients and colleagues that hasn’t changed -- and that’s what makes him love his career.

Coming from a family of Ohio State graduates, Herb Postle remembers his grandfather Wendell's  commitment to the College of Dentistry’s students. “Grandad’s big push was always for the dental students, making sure they had a great education. Helping students succeed would have been his big wish,” Postle said. “Some individuals might not be able to get a dental education if scholarships weren't available, and that’s why it’s so important to give the brightest and best talent can come to dental school.”

Helping Students Now

Current dentistry students and Postle scholarship recipients Cole Bryant and Jonathan Draney are among those whose lives have been changed by the Postle family’s generosity. “This scholarship lessened my dependence on loans so that my wife and I felt confident enough to purchase our first home,” Bryant said. “I’m thankful for this scholarship because it provides vital encouragement to become the best I can be, despite the difficulties of dental school.”

Draney echoed that sentiment. “As a dental student with a wife and three small children, I'm trying to avoid having too much debt when I finish school, and it's an enormous help to have some scholarship money,” he said. “It means a great deal to us that there are dentistry alumni and other donors who are generous enough to lend support to those of us who need it."

Margaret Postle agreed that giving back is vital for the future of the profession. “Dentistry students have all kinds of abilities, and scholarships give them an opportunity to use their talents and to achieve their dreams,” she said. “A lot of us wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t been given help and an opportunity.”

Because of their lifelong support of Ohio State's dentistry students, the Postle family is featured on OSU's Students First, Students Now web site, which showcases one of the university's campus-wide scholarship initiatives that was introduced by President E. Gordon Gee in 2008.

Thanking alumni and friends of Ohio State, like the Postle family whose support helps students start and finish their education at OSU, President Gee said, "Our profound commitment is to providing access to Ohio State's excellent educational opportunities. Now more than ever, we must assure that young people are able to pursue their dreams, earn a degree, and use their talents to enhance our economy, our state, and our world."

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