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  1. (left to right) Dentistry students Rajan Sheth, Dan Kelley, Kevin Snyder, and Dean Anderson

 Dentistry Students Give “Practice Connection” Donation

College of Dentistry students Rajan Sheth, Dan Kelley and Kevin Snyder worked together in 2008 to develop the Practice, a web-based job search tool that helps connect dental students and graduates with practicing dentists who seek partners and staff for their practices.

The web site offers dental practitioners the ability to create a profile that includes pictures, relevant statistics, and a detailed description of their practice and positions that are available. Users can log in to search profiles for the ideal associate, partner, buy-out, or support staff.

Having made a commitment to give a portion of their profits from the Practice Connection to the College of Dentistry, Kelley, Snyder and Sheth presented their second donation check in the amount of $576.97 to dentistry's Dean Carole Anderson on March 5th.

The donation will be dedicated to the OSU College of Dentistry Student Development Fund, and the hope was expressed by Sheth, Kelley and Snyder that future donations would be even larger.

The web site includes a pricing structure designed for individual and multiple postings, as well as options for posting as many profiles as needed, both of which are features that accommodate dental brokers and a broad range of clients.

Links to The Practice Connection are available in the “job postings” section on the College’s alumni web page, and on the "current students" page. Or go directly to the web site at:

[March 2010]