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Street of Dreams Offers a Beneficial Learning Experience for Students

The 2011 Street of Dreams event took place August 12 at The Ohio State University. A joint initiative by the Ohio Dental Association (ODA) and the Columbus Dental Society, the event offers third- and fourth-year dental students a venue for meeting practicing dentists and touring their facilities.

This year's Street of Dreams participants visited three dental practices over the course of the afternoon, and they were presented with information from the perspective of practicing dentists.

“This makes me want to sit down and do dentistry,” said third-year dental student Brandon Glenn. “It was particularly interesting to hear stories and tips about the transition from school to professional work.”

Students were encouraged to explore the practices they visited and to ask questions of the participating dentists. “I found it very interesting to learn about the technology they use in their office and the way they manage business,” said third-year student Laura Fisher.

Following the dental practice tours, an informal reception was held for students, participating dentists, and ODA leaders. At the end of the day, dentists in practice 10 years or less spoke about their careers and the transition from dental school to the "real world" of professional dentistry.

“All the dentists we talked to seemed very confident about choosing the field of dentistry as their profession, which really showed me that I've made the right decision to do the same,” fourth-year dental student Kenneth Warden said.

The Street of Dreams event is presented annually with sponsorship from the American Dental Association, the Ohio Dental Association, and the Columbus Dental Society.

September 2011