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Student Presented with AAOMS Outstanding Poster Presentation Award

Fourth-year dental student Yirae Kang recently received the Outstanding Poster Award at the 2011 American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (AAOMS) Annual Meeting.

The competition featured poster presentations from 85 contestants, including practicing oral surgeons, faculty members, residents, and dental students.

Kang's research poster was titled, Evaluation of Regenerated Alveolar Bone Using Histology, Micro-Computed Tomography, and Immunohistochemistry. Based on a long-term research project, the poster developed from her study of regenerated human alveolar bone, using three analytical methods. The study examined variations in bone regenerated from an allograft material placed in various locations, such as the maxilla versus the mandible, and it also compared regenerated bone and the ways it differs from surrounding anatomic bone structures.

Kang's research was supported in 2010 by the Hegtvedt Scholarship, and her mentor was Dr. Binnaz Leblebicioglu, a professor in the Division of Periodontology.

“I sincerely thank Dr. Leblebicioglu for being an advisor and a mentor during the past few years," Kang said. "I also thank Drs. Larsen and Mallery for their support through the Hegtvedt Research Scholarship. They have provided me with the opportunity for this amazing learning experience." 

Kang expressed surprise at winning the AAOMS poster presentation award as dental students made up a minority of entries. “I felt very humbled and privileged to take part in this event. It gave me a huge sense of joy and pride to be able to represent our college at a national level.”


October 2011