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Dr. Kenneth Clemens Receives Mershon Award

Clemens continues to practice dentistry at the age of 84.



Dr. Kenneth Clemens received the 2011 Ralph Davenport Mershon Award at this year’s alumni awards banquet held at the Columbus Renaissance hotel.   

The highly competitive Mershon Award is presented to alumni who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to The Ohio State University, and it is awarded to no more than three selected individuals in any given year.

Clemens, a 1954 College of Dentistry grad, has been an advocate for the college for more than 50 years.

Clemens, a 1954 College of Dentistry graduate, has been an advocate for the college for more than 50 years. Always an active supporter of dental alumni activities and organizations, Dr. Clemens sat on the founding committee of the College of Dentistry Alumni Society in 1976, and he served as the society’s first vice president. He was also the president of the Board of Governors and editor of the group's alumni magazine.

Since his graduation from the college in 1954, Clemens has been a passionate advocate for the College of Dentistry and for organized dentistry in Ohio. He aided in the development of Ohio State’s regional campus in Lima, and he was instrumental in the founding of the Rhodes State dental hygiene program. He is also a charter member of the President’s Club, and he has been actively involved in the Ohio Dental Association and the American Dental Association.

At the age of 84, Clemens continues his dental practice in Lima, Ohio.

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[November 2011]