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$381,250 Grant Awarded to Dr. Robert Seghi and Collaborators

Dr. Robert Seghi awarded NIH Grant.



Professor and Chair of the Division of Restorative and Prosthodontic Dentistry Robert Seghi, along with Mechanical Engineering Professor Noriko Katsube, and Materials Science Engineering Professor Stanislav Rokhlin, has received a National Institutes of Health (NIH)grant in the amount of $381,250.   

The grant project, entitled Understanding interface initiated fractures in glass- ceramic restorations, involves the development of a non-destructive ultrasound-based diagnostic tool that will enable researchers to monitor the degradation of adhesive interfaces over time.

This research has come about from an increased application of the more aesthetic, all-ceramics dental restorations.

“Such a device will help us to study changes in the adhesive cement properties that occur over time below a ceramic restoration, and how this change influences ceramic restoration failure,” Dr. Seghi said. “The concepts are similar to those used by Professor Rokhlin to develop tools for evaluation of certain components of airplanes -- but the tool will need to be miniaturized to accommodate smaller areas like teeth.”

This research resulted from an increased application of the more aesthetic, all-ceramics dental restorations. Fractures are the most common cause of failure in these types of restorations, and there is evidence that the adhesive cement beneath the crown plays an important role in the longevity and durability of these restorations. Currently, there is no non-destructive means to evaluate the adhesive cement below dental restorations.

“The cement property information obtained from this device could be input into statistical fracture mechanics-based models, such as those used in the aerospace industry to estimate clinical longevity," said Professor Katsube. "Our group has worked for several years on this complex problem.”

The budget period for this award is Sept. 20, 2011 to Aug. 31, 2012.





[November 2011]