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Division of Endodontics Receives $100,000 from American Association of Endodontics Foundation

From left: Dr. Ed Skidmore (AAEF past-president), Dean Patrick Lloyd, Dr. Al Reader, Dr. Keith Krell (AAEF president), Dr. Claire Spatafore (AAE past-president), Dr. John Nusstein, Dr. Melissa Drum, Dr Sara Fowler.



The Division of Endodontics received $100,000 from the American Association of Endodontists Foundation in support of the endowment in the name of Dr. Al Reader.   

This addition to the A.W. Reader Endowed Professorship allowed it to reach the $750,000 mark, which means a faculty member may now be named to the endowment and funds will be available to support their salary and research.

This donation allowed the A.W. Reader Endowed Professorship to reach $750,000.

The AAEF contribution shortened the projected time to full funding by nearly two years.

The remaining funding for the endowment came from the donations of the OSU advanced endodontic alumni who have generously supported the Advanced Endodontic Program and the Division of Endodontics.





[May 2012]