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Fourth-Year Dental Students Join Business Plan Competition

Business Plan Competition winners, Sean Mortensen (left), Steven Vorholt (right) and Tara Dailey

On January 10, winners of the College of Dentistry's Business Plan Competition were honored at a reception that featured dental industry representatives and fourth-year dental students enrolled in the college's Limited Care Clinic elective course.

The competition is designed for fourth-year students who create their own business plans and submit them as course work. Those who wish to go beyond the course requirements and join the Business Plan Competition must adhere to stricter guidelines designed by Dr. Henry Fischbach, the architect of the competition, and Dr. Dawne Stefanik, who established the Limited Care Clinic. Drs. Stefanik and Fischbach choose the top plans that will be submitted to the competition's judges for final selection and prizes.

"Our practice management curriculum is intended to give our students enough information to understand the different systems they may encounter as dental professionals, and to ask the right questions at the right time,”  said Dr. Henry Fischbach

This year’s Business Plan Competition winners were Sean Mortensen, who won the third-place prize; Tara Dailey, the recipient of the second-place award; and  Steven Vorholt, the first-place winner of the competition.

The Business Plan Competition received support from dental industry representatives that included Patterson Dental, Blue & Co., and Commerce National Bank.





[January 2013]