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20th Annual SGA Awards

The winners of the 2013 SGA awards



The 20th Annual Student Government (SGA) Awards reception was held Tuesday, April 2 at The Ohio State University Golf Club.

Guests were welcomed by George Williams, D3 student and incoming SGA president, and opening remarks were given by Dean Lloyd and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs John Kalmar.

The SGA awards recognize exemplary faculty members chosen by dental hygiene and DDS students. The following were 2013 recipients:


Dr. Joen Iannucci -- Dental Hygiene
Ms. Susan Bauchmoyer -- Dental Hygiene
Ms. Shivani Patel -- Dental Hygiene
Dr. Roger Dashner -- Oral Biology
Dr. Gabriela Weiss -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Purnima Kumar -- Periodontics
Dr. Burak Yilmaz -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Melissa Drum -- Endodontics
Dr. James Stone -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Deborah Mendel -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Duane Burks -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Susan Mallery -- Oral Pathology
Dr. Harris Bowman -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Medick Capirano -- Res/Pros/Primary Care
Dr. Sarat Thikkurissy -- Pediatric Dentistry
Dr. Gregory Ness -- Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Dawne Stefanik -- Res/Pros/Primary Care






[April 2013]