Honduras Dental Externship for Fall, 2011


OSU Clinical Faculty member Dr. Jan Tepe, through the organization Shoulder to Shoulder, is offering the opportunity to do dentistry in Honduras from September 5 or 6, 2011, to September 18, 2011.

Shoulder to Shoulder has two clinics located approximately one and a half hours apart by truck in a rural area of Honduras, near the border with El Salvador.  Each clinic is equipped with air compressor, high volume suction, high and low speed handpieces, autoclave, and typical dental units and chairs.   Patients are provided with amalgams, composites, oral prophylaxes, extractions, sealants, and preventive education.  Jan Tepe has been involved with this program for twelve years and has been to Honduras once or twice each year during this time.  Travel to and from the clinic requires two days in each direction – one day for air travel to San Pedro Sula and a portion of the drive, and the second day to complete the 10 hour drive from the airport to the clinics.

Cost for the trip is $1025 plus airfare.  As of the date of this writing (April, 2011) the airfare from Columbus, Ohio is $851 and includes taxes and other fees.  The $1025 fee includes all meals, in country transportation, lodging, and escort by a Shoulder to Shoulder employee.  It does NOT include evacuation insurance which is purchased for $33 through Ohio State University Office of International Affairs and is mandatory for Ohio State students, nor does it include the airport departure tax of approximately $38.  The only other costs associated with trip could be for incidentals such as personal laundry, snacks, and souvenirs.  Each clinic is equipped with internet  and cell phone service.  Volunteers sleep in dormitory style rooms with shared showers and flush toilets.  Meals consist of simple Honduran food that is prepared onsite by cooks who are experienced in cooking for Gringo stomachs.   Filtered drinking water is available free at both clinic sites.

This will be the third year in which we have taken Ohio State College of Dentistry students to Honduras.   Our plan for working in the clinics will depend upon the number of students who are interested in the trip.  Students may be divided into two groups to work in each of the clinics under the supervision of a licensed U.S. dentist.

OSU dental students from Class of 2011. in Honduras, September, 2010. 


                               L-R: Colleen Tepe, Megan Miller, Maria Rath, Emily Powderly, Dr. Meade vanPutten, Primary Care Division Chair

Please visit Shoulder to Shoulder’s website at www.shouldertoshoulder.org for more information about this organization and the work they do.  Shoulder to Shoulder is affiliated with medical schools (Brown University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Cincinnati, University of Wyoming,  Johns  Hopkins University, University of North Carolina, Baylor University, University of Rochester, and Virginia Commonwealth University) and we are eager to continue our relationship with The Ohio State University College of Denitstry. 

Please contact Jan Tepe at Ltepe@ix.netcom.com with questions or to express  interest.