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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Graduate Orthodontics

 at The Ohio State University

Contact Information:

Orthodontic Division Office Associate: Ms. Amie Reid    (614) 292-5972

Office of Research and Graduate Studies Associate:    Ms. Laura Kelley    (614) 292-1421

Toru Deguchi, DDS, MSD, PhD - Program Director, Division of Orthodontics

Welcome to The Ohio State University of Division of Orthodontics, “the art of building a smile”! The department is well known for its outstanding graduate program, and for training future leaders of orthodontists and researchers. Our department consists from group of faculty that has dedicated their careers to the orthodontic profession supported by excellent and caring clinical and administrative staff and assistants. We encourage the residents to interact with other professional colleges, staff, and faculty that will foster personal and professional goals. Our major goal is to provide students with the highest quality of education to be proficient in the clinical specialty of orthodontics. We also provide a program of education in the clinical specialty which satisfies the standards of the Commission on Accreditation of the American Dental Association and the American Board of Orthodontics. The graduate program consists of intensive didactic, clinical, and research components.  

Program Objectives

Education: The program offers evidence-based approach to diagnosis and treatment planning as well as the didactic courses such as Biomechanics and Growth and Development. Residents are expected to actively participate by presenting cases in diagnostic presentations, seminars, and literature review. Clinical evaluation by OSCE is one of our unique quantitative evaluation method used in our program.  

Clinic: We provide the residents a large number of patients including orthognathic surgery, cleft lip and palate, craniofacial anomaly, and interdisciplinary cases. Residents gain valuable experience in diagnosis, treatment planning, orthodontic therapy, and patient management. Residents will be exposed in various treatment techniques and appliances from talented and experienced group of full and part time faculty to render proficient orthodontic care to their patients throughout their professional career. Contemporary advanced technology, such as digital imaging, digital diagnostic records, and computer stimulated diagnosis and arch wires are integrated into the program. All residents are mentored and encouraged to be ABO certified orthodontists. 

Research: Under the guidance of our research program director, residents will develop their research project and expected to present their research at the meeting (AAO, IADR, AADR etc.,). Residents are also required to publish their manuscript to refereed journal at the end of graduation. This promotes creative thinking, critical analysis, and recognize the importance of evidence-based knowledge. We provide experience in biomedical sciences, scientific methodology, and research techniques to develop an appreciation for the biological and scientific aspects of orthodontics.

 Teaching: Residents are required to participate in teaching pre-doc students for their orthodontic cases. We also encourage residents to serve diverse populations of patients, their communities, and the profession, and to advance specialty of orthodontics by participating in teaching activities throughout their careers.