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March 13, 2013 

Dear OSU Orthodontic Alumni and Friends:

 I want to update you on activities in the Division of Orthodontics at OSU.  Later this month our Class of 2013 will graduate.  Our incoming class for 2013 will have five residents and two interns.  Most of the new residents have some Ohio connection. 

During the last year and one-half, Dr. Kate Vig has been the interim program director.  We were lucky to have her expertise during the search for a new program director and in preparation for Accreditation this year.  She will contribute to the site visit and remain until the end of the calendar year. Dr Toru Deguchi has arrived with his family from Japan.  He is a graduate of the IU Orthodontic Program and comes well recommended and published as well as a Diplomate of the ABO.  In Japan, he directed two programs.  His interests have been in TAD’s  and pain issues.  He is also experienced in interdisciplinary care.  We expect him to make substantial contributions to the teaching, patient care, research and curriculum planning.   

Clinical activity continues to expand, with 80+ starts of early, adolescent, interdisciplinary, adult and surgery patients a year by the residents and then some continuous starts during their second and third years.  Again residents finished 80% of their patients.  This experience is supplemented by patient care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (NCH) and the evening clinics that are supervised by Drs. Firestone  and Sun.  We believe the magnitude and variety of opportunities in patient care at OSU are second to none.  Programmatically, we continue to provide a half stipend and half tuition and fees support at the in-state level for the residents.

We have increased the clinic staff and are attempting to use more intraoral scanning for casts.  The Alumni Society generously provided additional support funds for more scanning technology.  Alumnus Bob Williams has generously provided new articulators for the graduate program.  We expect Frank Cordray will facilitate their use.  Our next anticipated move is to a digital record with progress notes.  

Kate Vig continues with the ADA Critical Review Panel (CRP) for Evidence-based Dentistry, The Cochrane Oral Health Group in the UK and as a Guest Editor for the in press edition of Seminars in Orthodontics with Greg Huang on Evidence-based Orthodontics.  She has been appointed as a Consultant to the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs for 2013 and will be a speaker at the AAO meeting in Philadelphia.

Allen Firestone is in charge of the predoctoral program that includes multimedia methods and clinical instruction as an elective. He is working with a first year resident on a research project to examine the professional gift-giving activity of orthodontists  He is also engaged in a research project with a third year resident examining the effects of orthognathic surgery on quality of life, which will be presented at the AADR meeting in Seattle, WA. He will speak at the College’s Post College Assembly about Obstructive Sleep Apnea for the Dental Professional.

Do-Gyoon Kim has been working on federal, foundation, and industry funding. He successfully completed an NIH R21 grant and a CCTS pilot grant. He is currently managing funds from a COD seed grant and industry. Recently, he received the B.F. Dewell Memorial Research Award for the most meritorious Biomedical Research project funded by the AAOF. Outcomes of these projects have led to publications and grant proposals including an NIH R01. Currently, Do serves is a research advisor for orthodontic residents, pre-doctoral and undergraduate students. He is the Division Research Director and teaches in the Division and the College.  

Zong Sun has been busy submitting papers, conducting funded research and preparing materials for major NIH grants. In the last year, he has published multiple papers. He is currently funded by an AAOF faculty development grant, an OMSF research grant and a College Seed grant.  Meanwhile, Zong is actively teaching in the graduate program; serving as director/co-director for two graduate courses and advising a number of residents, dental and undergraduate students on their research projects. He also has started serving as an associate editor (biology) for the AJO-DO and as an ad-hoc reviewer for a dozen bone, dental and orthodontic journals.  

Ana Mercado directs the Craniofacial Anomalies Orthodontic program at NCH.  She continues to participate in the Americleft project, a multi-center study of outcome measures sponsored by the American Cleft Palate Association to assess the management of unilateral cleft lip and palate.  Dr. Mercado continues to do research on functional outcomes of cleft lip revision surgery in collaboration with UNC.  She will present her research this Spring at the 12th International Congress on Cleft Lip/Palate and Related Craniofacial Anomalies.                                                                                                                        

Shiv Shanker continues to co-direct the Dento-Facial Deformities Program and teach in the graduate and pre-doctoral programs. 

Richard Burns, Frank Cordray, Dan German, Ed Grubaugh, Alan Gusching, Denny Johnson, Jim Karpac, Mark Pierce, Chuck Reed, Drew Wade and Ann Walters continue to provide excellent clinical instruction for the Division on a part-time basis.  Jack Lude is associated with our efforts at NCH.  The contributions by all of these outstanding teachers are what make our program excellent.   

We sponsored the Wade Lecture in the fall of 2012 that featured Dr. David Kennedy.  On October 11, 2013 the Lewis lecture will host Dr. William Proffit. 

I continue to serve the AAO, ADA (Chair of CGA) and the ODA on various committees along with an Editorial Board and frequent journal review obligations.   Currently, we are completing the AAO Distance Learning Seminar grant.  I continue with research related to treatment outcomes, esthetics and informed consent / health literacy.  I spoke at the joint AAPD-AAE symposium on Trauma in November and will speak at the AAO annual session and CADABO this year.

I am proud of the progress we have made each year and know that it would not be possible without the dedicated faculty, students and staff.  Our partnership with you as alumni and friends will continue to make new things possible.  The OSU Orthodontic Alumni Association has been a great benefit to the Division, and I am certain that will continue.   We appreciate their recent increased financial support.   Thanks for the opportunity to work together. 

Remember, the OSU Alumni reception during the AAO meeting is at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in the Franklin 6 Meeting Room on Saturday, May 4th 2013 from 4-5:45 pm.

My best to you for 2013, 


Henry W. Fields, Division Chair