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Dr. Shiva Shanker
• Clinical Associate Professor, DDS, MDS, MS, Board Certified

• Dentofacial Program Co-Director

Dr. Shiva Shanker is a native of Madras, India. He graduated from dental school at The University of Madras, India and received his orthodontic training and an MS at The Ohio State University. Since completing the orthodontic program in 1995, he has been a faculty member in the OSU Division of Orthodontics at the College of Dentistry.

Dr. Shanker is the Co-Director of the Dentofacial Deformities Program at OSU. Dr. Shanker served as the Graduate Program Director from 2004-2008.  His research interests include clinical outcomes-related research in orthodontic and surgical-orthodontic patients. Dr. Shanker is affiliated with the Orthodontic Section for a 20% time commitment and maintains a private orthodontic practice in Mason, Ohio. email