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Outreach / Clinics - Nisonger Center / Johnstown Road

Serving Children and Families of Central and Southeastern Ohio

Nisonger Center
The Nisonger Center Dental Program is the largest provider of oral health services for adults with developmental disabilities in Franklin County. This dental clinic works closely with the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities to provide dental care to its adult clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The six-chair, modern facility is wheelchair-accessible and offers full dental radiographic services, nitrous oxide capabilities, and a functioning laboratory for appliances. It is staffed by general and pediatric dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and reception staff. Additionally, residents, fellows and dental students rotate through the Nisonger Dental clinic throughout the year.

      Dental students at work at Nisonger Clinic

Johnstown Road Clinic
The dental clinic at the Johnstown Road Early Childhood Education Center is a two-chair clinic which is dedicated to providing dental care to pre-school and school-aged children with and without developmental disabilities. Dr. Diego Solis is the Clinic Director and the pediatric dentist in residence. He is aided by two full-time dental assistants. Notably, this clinic serves a large population of Hispanic children, and the Childhood Education Center offers Head Start services. Through their patient care the the Johnstown Road clinic, residents and dental students are exposed to community dental care and cultural competency through their rotations at this clinic.

    Dental students at work at Johnstown Clinic