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Outreach / Clinics - Postle Hall

Serving Children and Families of Central and SE Ohio

Postle Hall Clinic

The Pediatric Dental Clinic at the College of Dentistry has six operatories for patient care. The residents routinely treat patients in the clinic under general anesthesia and nitrous oxide. They usually work or teach there with predoctoral students. There is a chairside assistant during patient care when residents are caring for patients in any setting. The clinic is located on the first floor of Postle Hall, the College of Dentistry Building, and space is adjacent to the postdoctoral orthodontic clinic and nearby to primary care clinics and radiology. The clinic is managed by the Clinic/Office manager, a certified dental assistant and a receptionist. Dr. Sarat “Bobby” Thikkurissy directs the clinic at the College of Dentistry. Pediatric dental residents spend a total of two and half days at the clinic per week primarily in the 2-week OSU rotation.

OSU College of Dentistry Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Upgrades

Thanks to the efforts of the staff and faculty in the Division, the pediatric dentistry clinic at the College of Dentistry has a new look and a new feel. A clinic-wide mural, painted by Roxanne Veeley now adorns the clinic’s operatories for children and parents to enjoy, sporting a Sponge Bob theme, including an octopus that bears a strange similarity to Dr. Casamassimo! Clinic operations have also been revamped so that dental students no longer endure the “one and done” single patient clinic session, but rather see several patients in the course of a day. Dental students also have an opportunity to use nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia, one of the few opportunities in the College. Four-handed dentistry is also possible some days.

Dorothy Harold is our clinic receptionist and she also helps out as a dental assistant.  Peg Greek handles most of the dental assisting and is front line on Tuesday GA days. Gretchen Hollern continues to manage the program.

 Our clinic’s productivity is increasing beyond previous years due to the efforts of the above staff and the leadership of Dr. Bobby Thikkurissy, clinic director. Most gratifying to us is that students continue to applaud the way they are taught and treated in our clinics!