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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Funded Research

Contributing to The Art and Science of Pediatric Dentistry

Funded Research includes:

        Molecular analysis of the biofilm in caries and health, NIH RO-1, $1,848,601 direct costs, 2004-2009, Principal Investigator, Ann Griffen


        Molecular & Population Genetics of Periodontal Pathogens, NIH RO-1, $1,500,000, 2007-2012, Principal Investigator, Gene Leys, Co-Principal Investigator, Ann Griffen

        Northwest Center to Reduce Oral Health Disparities, NIDCR/NIH, Funded at $52,847, Principal Investigator: Raul Garcia, Boston University, Site Investigator:  Paul S. Casamassimo, DDS, MS

        The role of early childhood caries in parental stress, Nationwide Children's Hospital Research Foundation, $3535, Principal Investigator: Sarat Thikkurissy, Paul Casamassimo, Co-Principal Investigator.

        Prenatal Oral Health Program, March of Dimes, $6386, Homa Amini, Principal Investigator, 2009

        Minority Health Month, Delta Dental Foundation, $5000, Homa Amini, Principal Investigator, 2009

        The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital,  Familial Burden Associated with Dental Rehabilitation under General Anesthesia, PI: Sarat Thikkurissy:  $4000, 2009

        The Ohio State University College of Dentistry, Treatment of Early Childhood Caries and Parental Stress, PI: Sarat Thikkurissy: $2000, 2009

        Ohio Dental Association (ODA): The Bricks and Mortar of the Dental Home: Fundamentals of the Early  Childhood Exam, PI:  Thikkurissy $1,000, 2009

        Pfizer Pharmaceuticals: Benzocaine Gel Toothache Pain Dose-Response Study, PIs:  Paul Casamassimo and Sarat Thikkurissy $65,000, 2009-10.