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Giving to Periodontology

With shrinking State budgets, financial help is needed to support the mission of the Division of Periodontology. The majority of renovations that have been completed in Periodontology are due to the generosity of alumni, faculty, industry and friends of the Division of Periodontology. There is no doubt that the quality of education provided by the Division of Periodontology is linked to the philanthropy of the alumni and friends of the Division. The faculty and students of the Division want to thank all of those individuals who have contributed and will contribute in the future. Listed below are some of the funds that you can contribute gifts.

The George R. App Periodontal Endowment Fund: Interest from the Endowment is used to support graduate student education and development with special interest in providing funds for travel to meetings by Ohio State University periodontal graduate students.

Periodontal Research and Training Fund: This fund is used to support a wide variety of periodontal activities by the Division of Periodontology in the College of Dentistry. More specifically this fund is used for but not limited to the purchase of equipment for the graduate program, support of alumni activities (e.g. the annual AAP Buckeye Reception, CE courses, mailings, etc.), endowment of graduate research projects, purchase of food for graduate student activities, etc.

Endowed Chair in Periodontology: Alumni and friends of the Division of Periodontology are currently underway to collecting $1.5 million for a faculty endowment. Once the endowment has been fully funded at the respective amount, the principle of the fund produces a four percent annual return to the Division to use to supplement the salary of the faculty member named to the respective endowed position. The income resulting from the endowment not only provides an important adjustment to the respective faculty member’s salary, but the prestige that accompanies an endowed faculty position would help with the recruitment of additional high quality faculty in the future. For more information, please contact Colleen Garland, Director of Development and Alumni Affairs, at (614) 366-4990.

The Lewis Claman Periodontal Endowment Fund: Interest from the Endowment will be used to support an award for OSU dental students who exhibit clinical excellence in periodontics. Special consideration will be given to students who want to choose a career in academic periodontics.


Gifts of cash and stock have an immediate and direct impact on our ability to further our goals and achieve our objectives.

Pledges allow you to fulfill a commitment over a two or three year period and afford us the ability to plan and implement programs with confidence.

Gifts-in-Kind are artifacts, documents, equipment, services and other resources that we need to achieve our academic and programmatic goals.

Deferred or Planned Gifts give you the opportunity to support our goals in the context or your own long-term financial plans. These can take many forms, including life income gifts, charitable trusts and life insurance policies.


By mail send to:

Angelo Mariotti, Chair
Division of Periodontology
305 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210


Instructions for on-line giving:

1) Use the drop down screen in the first line to identify the College of Dentistry.

2) Indicate the Division of Periodontology and the fund using the box for special instructions.

3) Add additional information requested by web site.