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Angelo J. Mariotti

Professor of Periodontology

B.S. Grove City College, 1978; Ph.D. West Virginia University, 1982; D.D.S., West Virginia University, 1986; Certificate: Virginia Commonwealth University, 1988; Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, 1993

Phone: 614-292-0391

Research interests
Sex steroid hormone effects in the oral cavity; relationship between the oral cavity and endocrine end organs; clinical research

Description of Research
My primary research interest is how the endocrine system affects the oral cavity and how tissues within the oral cavity may effect target tissues of endocrine hormones. The homeostasis of the periodontium is a complex, multifactorial relationship that involves, at least in part, the endocrine system. The assertion that hormone-sensitive periodontal tissues exist relies on several salient observations, including the retention and metabolic conversion of sex steroid hormones as well as the presence of steroid hormone receptors in periodontal tissues. These biological findings correlated with clinical observations confirm an increased prevalence of gingival diseases with fluctuating sex steroid hormone levels, even when oral hygiene remained unchanged. Both human and animal models are used to explore the relationship of sex steroid hormones to the oral cavity.

Recent Publications
Mariotti A: Estrogen and extracellular matrix influences human gingival fibroblast proliferation and protein production. Journal of Periodontology, 76:1387 – 1393, 2005.

Mariotti A: Laboratory testing of patients for systemic conditions in periodontal practice. Periodontology 2000, 34:84 – 108, 2004.

Preshaw PM, Knutsen M, and Mariotti A: Experimental gingivitis in women using oral contraceptives. Journal of Dental Research, 80:2011 – 2015, 2001.