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Dimitris Tatakis

Professor of Periodontology

D.D.S. National University of Athens, Greece, 1982; Certificate: State University of New York at Buffalo, 1988; Ph.D. State University of New York at Buffalo, 1990

Phone: 614-292-0371

Research interests
Pathogenesis of periodontal diseases; regenerative periodontal therapies; clinical research

Description of Research
My research interests focus on the host aspects of the pathogenesis of periodontal tissue destruction. Identification of determinants of host susceptibility and how susceptibility alters the response to the environmental insult are major aspects of the research. Both human and animal studies are used to identify host factors critical for susceptibility.
My clinical research studies focus on the regeneration of lost periodontal tissues, with a special emphasis on surgical techniques to treat soft tissue (recession) defects.

Recent Publications
Silva CO, de Lima AFM, Sallum AW, Tatakis DN. Coronally positioned flap for root coverage in smokers and nonsmokers: stability of outcomes between 6 months and 2 years. Journal of Periodontology 78:1702-1707, 2007

Brown LM, Cassamassimo PS, Griffen A, Tatakis DN. Supragingival calculus in children with gastrostomy feeding: significant reduction with a caregiver applied tartar control dentifrice. Pediatric Dentistry 28: 410-414, 2006

Trombelli L, Scapoli C, Calura G, Tatakis DN. Time as a factor in the identification of subjects with different susceptibility to plaque-induced gingivitis. Journal of Clinical Periodontology 33:324-328, 2006