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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Volpe Prize 2007 Finalists


Jill E. Rogers, University of Michigan

Runners up:
Jeffrey Burke, University of Illinois-Chicago
Jeffrey Wessel, The Ohio State University

Volpe Prize Finalist AbstractTitle Mentor University
Isabel C. Gay PDL and PDL stem cell response to titanium implants. Michael S. Reddy University of Alabama at Birmingham
Danny Wong Measuring the validity of a periodontal health self report. Bjorn Steffensen and David Cappelli Wilford Hall Medical Center
Jing Zhou Nicotine increases the collagen degrading ability of human gingival fibroblasts. Jack Windsor Indiana University
Jill E. Rogers p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase inhibitors block periodontal bone loss. Keith  Kirkwood University of Michigan
Ryan Clagett Ridge augmentation comparing a cancellous block allograft to a moldable allograft paste. Henry Greenwell  University of Louisville
Cathy Hsu Regulation of NF-κB signaling in gingiva by various oral bacteria. Wasun Oh Chung University of Washington
Daniel Engler-Hamm Prospective evaluation of hard- and soft- tissue remodeling after ridge preservation using a resorbable membrane with and without primary wound closure. Terrence Griffin  Tufts University
Robert Durand Periodontal disease, dental caries and risk of preterm birth. Bryan Michalowicz University of Minnesota
Jeffrey Wessel Revascularization of gingival grafts: a laser Doppler flowmetry study. Dimitris Tatakis The Ohio State University
Giuseppe Intini A combination of calcium sulfate and platelet-rich plasma for novel approaches in bone regeneration. Sebastian Ciancio University at Buffalo
Christopher J. van Kesteren Soft tissue healing around implants immediately-placed after extraction versus delayed implant place. Thomas Oates University of Texas at San Antonio
Jeffrey J. Burke Age and gender effects on gene expression of angiogenic factors in human oral wound healing. Phillip Marucha University of Illinois at Chicago


Left to right, back row: Isabel Gay, Daniel Engler-Hamm, Jill Rogers, Jeffrey Burke, Danny Wong, Ryan Clagett, Cathy Hsu. Front row: Robert Durant, Giuseppe Intini, Dr. Anthony Volpe, Jeffrey Wessel, Christopher van Kesteren, Jing Zhou.