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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Volpe Prize 2009 Finalists


Jill Bashutski, University of Michigan

Runners up:
Pooja Maney, The Ohio State University
Herman Thang, University of Toronto

Volpe Prize Finalist Abstract Title Mentor University
Bryan M. Recker The zygomatic bone as a donor site for autogenous bone harvesting Ali Fakhry University of Iowa
Jill Bashutski Impact of teriparatide (parathyroid hormone 1-34) on osseous regeneration in the oral cavity Lauren K. McCauley University of Michigan
Matthew T. Raper Rough and smooth aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans: human and murine T-cell responses David E. Deas USAF Periodontics Residency
Ahmad Al-Shareef Position and course of the mandibular canal: panoramic radiographic analysis Pouran Famili University of Pittsburgh
Pooja Maney Formylpeptide receptor SNP 348T>C and neutrophil chemotaxis in aggressive periodontitis John D. Walters The Ohio State University
Vivian Y. Wahaidi The systemic inflammatory response to dental plaque accumulation Richard L. Gregory Indiana University
Jennifer D. Anderson A randomized controlled study comparing alveolar and gingival dimensions for immediate and delayed implant placement Thomas Oates University of Texas at San Antonio
Herman Thang Rac1and Rac2 affect bone architecture and fragility in vivo Jim Yuan Lai University of Toronto
Logesh Swayamprakasam Oral mucosal wound healing: effect of psychological stress on gene expression for angiogenic factors Christopher G. Engeland University of Illinois at Chicago
Kyong S. Choe Impact of maxillary sinus pathosis on implant success following augmentation Mark Reynolds University of Maryland
James M. Roger Cytokine production by B cells in healthy donors and systemic lupus erythematosus James Melvin University of Rochester
Samia Hardan A salivary test strip to screen for periodontal disease Jon B. Suzuki Temple University


Left to right: James Roger, Ahmad al-Shareef, Jennifer Anderson, Jill Bashutski, Dr. Anthony Volpe, Herman Thang, Matthew Raper, Vivian Wahaidi, Bryan Recker, Samia Hardan, Pooja Maney, Kyong Choe, Logesh Swayamprakasam