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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

General Practice Residency


Mission Statement

Advanced General Dentistry Clinic

General Practice Residency Program

The Ohio State University

College of Dentistry

The Ohio State University Medical Center


To provide the highest possible advanced level of comprehensive primary oral health care to the community while maintaining the best possible educational, clinical and scientific environment within the capabilities of the institution, faculty, staff, residents and students in consideration of the needs of the various communities and special needs populations which the clinic and program serve.


Vision Statements-Goals


  1. Graduates of the program will provide the highest quality and broadest possible scope of primary oral health care to meet the needs of the community which each practitioner serves, including special needs populations.
  2. Graduates will be actively involved in organized dentistry, dental specialties, dental education and/or dental research.
  3. This program will be recognized as a national leader in the field of postdoctoral general dentistry education.