The OSU SRG is glad to present DDS/PhD-Graduate Fellow Heidi Snider as Student Researcher of the Month for January 2010.


    This month’s SRG student research spotlight goes to DDS/PhD-Graduate Fellow Heidi Snider. She is currently in her 5th year of her 7-year dual degree program and studies in the laboratory of Dr. Abhay Satoskar. Their laboratory studies the immunology of the tropical disease Leishmania. Amazingly, 12 million people are currently infected with leishmaniasis worldwide and there is no vaccine available. Ms. Snider’s research on this topic focuses on Leishmania donovani, a potentially fatal, visceral form of the disease. Her project specifically addresses the role that the transcription factor, STAT1, plays in phagocyte trafficking and parasite uptake. Her interest in research of tropical medicine peaked when she worked as a Research Assistant at The University of California - Berkeley, where she investigated dengue virus immunology.
    After graduation Ms. Snider plans to continue her work in infectious disease research on oral health relevant pathogens as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Additionally, she expects to concurrently train in a dental specialty and utilize her training as an immunologist. Ultimately, she would like to remain in Academia in a dental faculty position at a university that will allow her the latitude to teach, perform cutting-edge research, and translate scientific discoveries into patient care.
    When asked about what she enjoys doing during her free time, Ms. Snider, laughing with a slight smirk, replied, “In my free time I like to train for and run marathons, spend time with my husband of 7 years, and take care of our 7 furry children (3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 ferrets)!”