The OSU SRG is glad to present D4 Tharon Smith as Student Researcher of the Month for October 2009.


This month’s featured Student Researcher of the Month is a fourth year dental student, Tharon Smith, who aspires to further his education through Orthodontics specialty after graduation. He works with Dr. Zongyang Sun from the Department of Orthodontics for his research project, which involves the usage of cone-beam CT (CBCT, a type of diagnostic imaging) to qualify alveolar bone structure changes after orthodontic treatment in greater detail. His study examines whether alveolar bone can still be accurately assessed on CBCT images when the thickness of the bone is reduced to near or below CBCT threshold levels. He hopes to test the hypothesis that when bone thickness is decreased to the size of a half pixel, the bone becomes indiscernible on CBCT images and bone height becomes underestimated.


Tharon chose this particular research with an intention of becoming an orthodontist and a special interest in learning about the technological advances in modern orthodontics as well as other dental professions. He says that this research has allowed him to learn valuable skills and opportunities to interact with excellent faculty members at the OSU College of Dentistry. We wish him good luck in all of his future endeavors!