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The Ohio State University College of Dentistry  

Restorative & Prosthetic Dentistry

You can find information concerning our faculty on this page. Click on the links below to go to individual pages

Full-Time Faculty
Dr. Robert Seghi, Chair
Dr. Khalid Azzouz
Dr. Rafat Amer

Dr. Shereen Azer

Dr. William Brantley

Dr. Medick Capirano
Dr. Nancy Clelland
Dr. Sharmeen Chaudhry
Dr. Reza Heshmati
Dr. William Johnston
Dr. Lisa Knobloch
Dr. Edwin McGlumphy
Dr. Sarah Mikhail
Dr. Alex Peregrina

Dr. Scott Schricker

Dr. James Stone

Dr. Burak Yilmaz
Part-Time Faculty
Dr. Scott Atkins
Dr. Harris Bowman
Dr. Paul Brown
Dr. Duane Burks

Dr. Charles Caponigro
Dr. Ronald Clowson
Dr. Timothy Cox
Dr. Robert Davidson

Dr. E. Thomas Frank

Dr. Thomas Grabeman
Dr. William Helmkamp
Dr. John Harmeyer
Dr. Denise Hering
Dr. William Hoskins

Dr. Elham Kateeb
Dr. John Koutras
Dr. William Leffler
Dr. Michael Masonbrink
Dr. Charles Michalak
Dr. Joseph Morriello

Dr. Roland Pagniano, Jr
Dr. Joyce Palik
Dr. Robert Rashid
Dr. Aditi Savla  
Dr. Shilpa Shah  
Dr. Robert Stevenson
Dr. James Stone

Dr. Ernst Svensson
Dr. Jan Tepe  
Dr. Robert Uhlin

Dr. Gabriela Weiss
Emeritus Faculty
Dr. Stephen Rosenstiel

Restorative & Prosthetic Department Directory